sobota, 27. junij 2015

I found my new passion

If someone would told me a year ago, that I'm going to start a business with making raw pastries...I would laugh at him/her... But no, that has become a truth. :)

But I still will not forget how to do a makeup and will still return to found my passion and good feelings in this kind of art.

Here is my new site, sorry it is just in Slovenian language...may be in the future I'll found a translator who will translate it in English...

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sreda, 18. februar 2015

Pust 2015

Pust is Slovenian feast, for call the spring and say goodbye to winter. My daughters were cherries :) I did the costumes and face paint, the daughter were happy ;) Here are some pictures...

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četrtek, 01. januar 2015

Make up for Maja's photo shoot

The other day I was doing make up for my friend Maja. She is a professional body shape trainer and she had a photo shoot for her advertising. The makeup had supposed look natural but still feminine. Here are some photos...

Photo: Nina Smrekar
Makeup: Tina T
Model: Maja Kvas


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nedelja, 23. november 2014

Video for Radio Jam


Yesterday I was working for funny guys, young and so enthusiastic, full of energy although it was real work and it has to be done quickly, because the sun goes down quickly this days...
The video was for the group called Radio Jam, my hubby is a singer there..and it's a new band but all members are skilled and have a lot of playing behind.
I was doing makeup for them and I had to turn a guy into a Fairy :) and I even had a small "roll" in the video ;)
Haven't got the picture yet and I can't wait to see the final video outcome :))
Will update this post when I'll get the material... :)

Photo: Eva Klevska
Makeup: Tina T

Photo: Tina T.

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četrtek, 12. junij 2014

Photoshoot for NRG center

Last weekend I was doing makeup for sport center named NRG center. This is a cool place with cool people :) they are very successful in what they do and not forget to mention they all have great body shapes :D

The photoshoot was excellent organized, the atmosphere was relaxing it was really nice working for them.

So here is a short movie of the photoshoot event :)

Oh, was! ;)

P.s. I post some new photos when I get them ;)

Photo: Ana Žolnir

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nedelja, 04. maj 2014

Some old photos...

Eva published some old photos with makeup that I've done...

model: Gordana
photo: Eva Klevska
makeup: Tina T.

model: Maja
photo: Eva Klevska
makeup: Tina T.

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